onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Starting up, 7C

We are going to travel around the world together, and discover what it is like to live in different countries where English is spoken. We are going to learn a lot about places and the people who live there. We are going to learn loads of new words, and learn how to use them in different situations. We are going to listen, read, speak and write, of course, but most important of all, we are going to have fun!

So, are you ready to take off?

Our first stop on this adventure will be the big country down under, where kangaroos and koalas live. Have you already guessed? YES, of course it is AUSTRALIA.

Before we start, I want you to think really hard about what you already know about Australia. Have you been there? Have someone you know been there? Have you read any books, och seen any films about Australia?

The first Australia lesson will start with a brainstorm, to see what you already know, and then we will go from there to learn more about the things you don't already know.


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